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Starting with nothing

Well, almost nothing

A lot of conferences have calls for proposals (CFPs) months before the conference, but the speakers often present super-fresh stuff. I had a hunch, so I asked the Twitters:


What I found out did not surprise me, but it might surprise you:

It’s totally common in academia

… and in our industry as well

… though not by everyone

It’s a great way to motivate yourself

It’s a great way to learn

But warning: It can be a lot of work

Learning from rejection

These are the success (mostly) stories of people whose talk proposals got accepted. But what if your proposal is rejected? That might suck, right? But even

kathryn (@krotondo) made good on her promise to write up her thoughts and experiences: lessons from conference rejections. If you are considering submitting talk proposals, and especially if you are worried about rejection, you should read her post. My favourite line is this one:

my advice: let conference organizers decide – don’t let your intimidation prevent you from sending out a proposal.


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