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Be a role model

Dear female reader,

Are you a woman who wants more female speakers at developer conferences? I have a quick fix for you: become one.

Think of the other female developers you know. Do you expect those women to step forward as speakers and not yourself? The only person you control is you, and so I’m asking you: become a speaker.

And when you do, show people what you want in a speaker. Lead by example. Be a role model.

The fact is, men currently outnumber women in our industry. For women to be seen and heard with equal exposure as men, women must participate in disproportionately higher numbers than men. That’s, like, basic math. The fastest way for women to reach parity is for every single one of us to become active in the community.

We are all awesome. You included. Maybe you don’t feel so awesome right now, but I plan to convince you otherwise, and to help you.

Dear male reader,

Are you a man and want more female speakers at developer conferences? Approach every female developer in your office, social circle and local meet-ups and encourage them to submit a talk proposal to a conference. If they don’t feel conference-ready, encourage them to start smaller by giving talks at your local meet-up. Send them a link here. If you have experience giving talks yourself, then offer them coaching.

Why you? Because I can’t do it myself, so I’m asking you as a favour to me. Thanks in advance!

Dear reader who does not identify as male or female,

I have not forgotten you, and you should also speak out, speak up, and get involved. I have created this site as a woman to encourage other women, but I would love love love to see you become a speaker as well. All offers of encouragement and guidance are offered herein to you as well.